iPhone 6 Review

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A friend of mine, an obvious Apple fanboy, got an iPhone 6 on the first launch date here in Singapore. What’s new about the iPhone 6 on first look? A bigger screen with rounded edges. It’s size is similar to my Xiaomi Redmi but it’s way thinner and lighter. The power button is no longer at the top right and is now on the right side of the phone.

As all other iPhones, it feels really solid and sturdy. Obviously it has to be, as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for“. There’s nothing much to say about the physical look as an iPhone will always look like an iPhone. Now let’s get into the iOS 8 and it’s new features. There’s tons of new features available but i’ll only list out those that i use personally. For those who didn’t already know, iOS 8 is available in your Software Updates if you are using any Apple devices. Just a note to take down, do not upgrade to iCloud Drive when the system prompts you. You might want to hold that upgrade until Apple releases OSX “Yosemite” for Mac later this year.

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KnoxiPhone 6 Review

Elder Scrolls Online Giveaway!

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I have always been a fan of MMORPG games and Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) was one of those games i just had to try. The game was developed by Zenimax Online Studios and was launched on April 2014. The graphics of this game is really awesome. You will definitely get immersed in the environment of ESO world. Every grass sway, foot prints in the sand as you walk pass and even the glare of sunlight are detailed and nothing is left out.

What makes this game different from others is that you are free to build your own characters. For example, you can create a DragonKnight class wielding a two handed sword and have a flame staff as a secondary weapon. Unlike most MMORPG games, if you’re a Knight, you must use a sword and a shield. On ESO, you’ll see different classes, races and weapons and each individual character is unique in their own gameplay. There are a total of 10 races, each race has their own unique attributes. Once you’ve decided on your race, you will have to decide on your class. The four classes are DragonKnight, Sorcerer, Nightblade and Templar. Again, each class has their own unique set of skill sets.

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KnoxElder Scrolls Online Giveaway!

Make YouTube Videos Load Faster

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Today, i just made an amazing discovery and i’m going to share it with my readers. All this while, i have been watching YouTube videos the old way. By that, i mean using Adobe Flash Player. I am pretty sure all of us had our fair share of Adobe Flash Player crashing while watching videos. Not forgetting the constant updates you require every now and then.

Let’s be honest here, the only reason most of us install Adobe Flash Player is to watch YouTube videos. If it wasn’t for that, i guess none of us would have Flash Player installed. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not against Adobe Flash Player, in fact it served me well for the past few years but i guess it’s time we move on. Now, you can watch YouTube videos without the need to install Adobe Flash Player or any third party plugins to your browsers. That my friend, is something to be amazed at. Installing any third party plugins or add-ons always put your computer at risk of getting infected or exploited when not updated.

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KnoxMake YouTube Videos Load Faster